About Us
Helping create a more efficient world with NXT

Our company was born in December 2013, with the objective of creating web services to foster the adoption of NXT, with the ultimate goal of increasing the NXT network effect.

We were excited with the possibilities that NXT brought into the cryptocoin scene. We had been involved with Bitcoin for a long time and although still very enthusiastic about it, we have seen first hand some of the struggles with security and attempts to bring new functionality to it. This is why NXT has appealed to so many people (including us), as it presents the possibility to design a new crypto currency that deals with many of the shortcomings seen in Bitcoin.

NXT can be much more than a crypto currency, it can present new ways transfer value between people, to exchange goods between people, to communicate in secure ways and much, much more. We are really just at the beginning!

Looking forward, we will continue to create useful and simple to use web services for NXT users. We have assembled a very competitive and passionate team and have the resources to invest in creating a range of products that will benefit the entire NXT community.

If you want to get in touch with use, you can talk to us in our section at NxtForum, https://nxtforum.org/mynxt-info/.

We are looking forward to the future!
The myNXT.info team